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The protocol is to:

  • encourage a rapid dissemination of the IDAF scientific measurements and results to a wide scientific spectrum
  • to uphold the rights of the individual scientists involved in the different field stations
  • to that purpose, all Principal Investigators (PIs), in accordance with their co-investigators (Co-Is), must sign that they will comply the following conditions:


1) Data must be made available to other IDAF scientists, i.e., with a maximum delay of one year from the time of collection.

2) Any corrections/amendments to preliminary data set should be announced immediately.

3) It is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility to ensure that the data used for a research paper is the best available at the time of submission.


1) Results for model studies, based upon data acquired during the IDAF Programme, must be available to other IDAF scientists as soon as possible.

2) It is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility of each station to ensure that the model results used in publications are the best available at the time of submission.


Opening of the data base to the scientific community to various participants in the IDAF Programme. The involved scientific should have equal and complete access to measurements and model results produced within the IDAF Programme.

1) Methods with which data and model results are validated and disseminated should be approved by the IDAF Scientific Committee. Access to the data bank is granted only after having signed the IDAF Data Protocol Form.

2) If measurements/model results from other research groups using IDAF data are used in publication, joint authorship must be offered. Special acknowledgements should be given (the acknowledgements will be different for each station depending upon the involved scientific organisms in each country).

3) Publication of results in scientific journals is encouraged at any time during and after the IDAF Programme, as long as all the general conditions of the data policy are followed.

If you agree with the IDAF DATA PROTOCOL, please fill in the form below to obtain access to the IDAF data.

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